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Xian YONGTAI Biotech Co.Ltd

Company Profile
XiˇŻan YONGTAI was set up by a group of scientists and engineers. It is specialized in the production and application of cyclodextin ramification, cyclodextrin clathrate compoud and new type antistaling agentŁ® We have 10 products of monochlofotriazine-¦Â-cyclodextrin, methyl-¦Â-cyclodextrin, 1-methylcyclopropene/¦Á-cyclodextrin clathrate compound and aminoxyaeetic acid hemihydrochloride. The company is a synthesis of scintific research, manufacture and trade.
XiˇŻan YONGTAI is located on 66# Xiying Road, Xian, P.R.China. Its research lab is in Xian and factory is in Lintong, near Xian. XiˇŻan YONGTAI has rich science and technology resource. It is good at production technique and high quality products, and it possesses advanced instruments, equipments and detecting methods. We can provide good products to the need of customers. Since the establishment of our companyŁ¬we got favored because of our good products and service at home and abroad. You can get detailed information from

Contact Us
Company: Xian YONGTAI Biotech Co.Ltd
Contact: Mr. botai xie
Address: 66# xiying road
Postcode: 710043
Tel: 86 29 63680595
Fax: 86 29 63680595
Homepage: http//

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