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Xian YONGTAI Biotech Co.Ltd

Company Profile
Xií»an YONGTAI was set up by a group of scientists and engineers. It is specialized in the production and application of cyclodextin ramification, cyclodextrin clathrate compoud and new type antistaling agentú« We have 10 products of monochlofotriazine-Ž┬-cyclodextrin, methyl-Ž┬-cyclodextrin, 1-methylcyclopropene/Ž┴-cyclodextrin clathrate compound and aminoxyaeetic acid hemihydrochloride. The company is a synthesis of scintific research, manufacture and trade.
Xií»an YONGTAI is located on 66# Xiying Road, ...
Products List

1 methylcyclopropene Ž┴ cyclodextrin
methy1 Ž┬ cyclodextrin
aminoxyaeetic acid hemihydrochloride
monochlorotriazine Ž┬ cyclodextrin
Contact Us
Company: Xian YONGTAI Biotech Co.Ltd
Contact: Mr. botai xie
Address: 66# xiying road
Postcode: 710043
Tel: 86 29 63680595
Fax: 86 29 63680595
Homepage: http//

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Tel : 86 29 63680595 Fax : 86 29 63680595
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